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The Wealth Pool Guides You to Financial Success

Our technology helps you get your financial house in order and keep it there. Get organized with The Wealth Pool today!


Enrolled Boilermaker students have FREE access to The Wealth Pool (TWP). It is part of our mission to help young adults prepare for life’s financial challenges.

No credit card is required to begin your student access to TWP. Use the “DIVE IN” button to register your account.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that govern our “Student Pool”.

TWP is currently designed for desktop or laptop use; not mobile optimized at this time.

Students are eligible to earn CASH through our Pool Points Program.

Our platform provides robust tools and insight into how others manage their finances to help you better handle your own.  Jump in the pool today!

Plans & Pricing

See your financial future with our planning TOOL

A complete view into your household's financial picture

Wealth Pool Dashboard
  • Goal and Life Event planning modules
  • Detailed, dynamic reporting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Stress testing and What-if Scenarios
  • Data model with over 600 categories
  • Educational content

Learn from other students with our insightful POOL

See how your household stacks up to others in The Pool

Wealth Pool Charts
  • Custom demographic pool comparison filters
  • Aggregated and anonymized pool data insights
  • Automated, granular transaction categorization
  • Expenses organized by month and year
  • Electronic bank account syncing
  • Personal Support

Character Student Confused

Before Jumping into TWP

Felix was frustrated with finances.

  • Getting financially motivated and organized on his own was hard
  • Budgeting was boring and tracking expenses was cumbersome
  • Understanding how his student loans factored into his future was difficult
  • Broaching the subject of money with friends, family and work colleagues was uncomfortable
  • And he was curious if his rent, cellphone bill, streaming subscriptions and scores of other expenses were in range with his peers

Character Student Money

After Jumping into TWP

It was like Facebook for Finances -- anonymously!

  • He sees his total financial picture in one place
  • He organizes his finances and keeps them organized
  • His spending transactions are automatically categorized against hundreds of categories
  • He clearly sees where his money is going on a monthly and annual basis
  • He has fun learning how his finances stack up against his peers

Character Student Thumbsup

Maintaining Financial Health in TWP

Felix is prepared to tackle financial challenges at any stage in life!

  • His student loans are precisely mapped into his TWP financial plan
  • He dynamically adjusts his financial plan, factoring in his goals and life events
  • He clearly sees when he can afford to buy his first car and home
  • He sets an emergency cash reserve goal and sees how it funds through time
  • He sees the power of his employer's matching contributions to his retirement savings over time