The Wealth Pool (TWP) Guides You to Financial Success

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Our platform provides robust tools and insight into how others manage their finances to help you better handle your own.  Jump in the pool today!

BEFORE Jumping into TWP

Theresa was frustrated with finances.

  • Getting financially motivated and organized on her own was hard
  • Budgeting was boring and tracking expenses was cumbersome
  • Understanding how her student loans factored into her future was difficult
  • Broaching the subject of money with friends and family was uncomfortable
  • And she was curious if her rent, cellphone bill, streaming subscriptions and scores of other expenses were in range with her peers

AFTER jumping into TWP

It was like Facebook for Finances -- anonymously!

  • She sees her total financial picture in one place
  • She organizes her finances and keeps them organized
  • Her spending transactions are automatically categorized against hundreds of categories
  • She clearly sees where her money is going on a monthly and annual basis
  • She has fun learning how her finances stack up against her peers

MAINTAINING Financial Wellness in TWP

Theresa is prepared to tackle life's financial challenges!

  • Her student loans are precisely mapped into her TWP financial plan
  • She dynamically adjusts her financial plan, factoring in her goals and life events
  • She clearly sees when she can afford to buy her first car and home
  • She sets an emergency cash reserve goal and sees how it funds through time
  • She sees the power of her employer's matching contributions to her retirement savings over time